Time to act now

Small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of the social market economy and the engine for innovation, growth and employment. Without this engine, the economy would collapse everywhere.

To facilitate fundamental changes to the economy and society, it is essential for companies to adapt to ever-changing and complex conditions. imageAccording to the law of evolution theory, a company can survive only if the speed of adjustment is at least as large as the rate of change of the environment in which it operates and exists.

In our world, we should know about the development decisions on the performance of the competition. Anyone who knows the forces of competition and thinks of the future should understand that it is now in our own hands whether in the future we will become winners or losers in a global world economy. Success and failure are so close together. Only through actions it is clear whether a company will be successful or not.

Those who succeed in the future will start building a new wave of development early, before the old one is expired. Each situation requires some time after a second wave. The right time for the start of a second wave of development is still at point A, that is, where it increases. Here are the resources to build the second wave and not at point B, when it is already too late!


Fit for the Future

For targeted implementation of change processes and development strategies, every company needs viable concepts and methods. However, since our economy is flooded again and again by new management concepts, the choice of appropriate concepts and methods for any company has become very difficult. We have made it our mission to help small and medium-sized enterprises in decision-making giving them success and ensure fit for the future. We are here with information, advice, practical guidance and professional services support.

Response to the demands of today's age!

Our range of consulting services and know-how is geared to today's challenges. In light of the requirements and needs of your company, we offer customized solutions and recommendations for action. Our specialties include advice and analysis of a company, including professional and exclusive services in web design, marketing, multimedia, training and coaching. Our goal is to advise you not just to be competent but to also substantially increase your income plus to secure and expand your market position.

To learn more, please contact us without any obligation. We look forward to meeting you!

Your Amendment Consulting

Best Practice

Most current and traditional management techniques have objectives to make companies fit for the future.

If these methods are to meet the high demands of current and future competition it will depend on the participation of the stakeholders in the organization.



Methods and tools

Here is a selection of the best "alternative” solutions and the best management practices:

Business reengineering, supply chain management, outsourcing, rating, TQM, Balanced Scorecard, CRM, Knowledge Management, Benchmarking, Six Sigma, EFQM Excellence Model, Kaizen, idea management, customer management, learning organization, core competencies, innovation management, outplacement, competitive advantage through knowledge.


Innovative & Individual

We do not want to offer our clients just a new management method (mode) that helps to keep you progressing but without any benefits for you. We generally offer only individual solutions, ie market-oriented strategies and methods that help you move forward in the future. These would be tailored to the organizations to achieve of corporate goals and visions according to your specific wishes.